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The Bohemian

Niaz Ahmed & Sowjanya Madhira

Walking down a bustling street, you come across a thrift store. A unique piece of furniture catches your eye. The city life around inspires you so you decide to buy the old piece of wood. Repair. Repaint. Reinvent. And you now have a piece of exotic-looking furniture set in your living room. Now, is your room Bohemian? Absolutely. This is the beauty of the Boho. It is a style bound to no rules and nobody’s judgment. Bohemian is inspired by people who lead an unconventional life. It's a free-spirited aesthetic rooted in cultural mixing and an artistic sensibility.

The style itself emerged as a form of getaway for artists from the high forms of scrutiny and bourgeois expectations of conventionally minded people around them. They walked away to enjoy a kind of vagabond lifestyle with like-minded artists from different walks of life. This convergence of cultures gave rise to a life where the pursuit of wealth was abandoned in the search for a creative life and alternative ideals of beauty. That’s a tale from nineteenth-century France. But the adaptability and flexibility of the ideals of bohemian make it relevant to this age and generation. In a nutshell, unconventional and artistic can’t be chained to times.

Bohemianism from a design perspective is popularly handmade products. These could be textiles, sculptures, or paintings, each helping to foster individuality. In addition to the handmade, you'll also find plenty of natural elements. This comes in the form of fabrics, like burlap and sisal, as well as plants. Filling a room with potted plants, hanging plants, succulents, and ferns helps bring the outdoors in and creates a calming aesthetic in your space. Taking inspiration from nature and the environment is encouraged. The materiality and the palette are of importance. Each material bringing in its own texture, pattern, and color tones. The overlay of these multiple layers brings a playful aesthetic to space. What is mostly missed out when you think of Boho but is also a highly important factor is ‘comfort ‘. By pulling together all the elements into space what one is ultimately trying to achieve is to make a comfortable living space for himself. This is not only limited to physical human comfort but also mindful of the mental and spiritual needs of a person. Space is filled with things that bring one joy, calm, happiness, and everything positive. Emotional wellbeing is fulfilled which might motivate someone to do better in life by boosting productivity.

A simple organic home or a Dark vintage setting, dull pastel, or jumpy popcolored collection, your soul’s calling is your boho. Things with a previous life and story are also valued. True bohemian furniture isn't usually found on an online e-commerce site. Pieces are collected over time and are usually vintage, second-hand, or bought from local artisans. This also gives the user and comfy feel to it. The main aspect of Bohemian Style is that every item in the room says something about you.

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