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The Circle

Monyratanak Moeng, Kea Lyheang, Te Lerngy
South Korea

In our perspective, shelter embodies a space that reacts to the elements of wind and rain. Yet, it holds a more profound significance, necessitating the incorporation of areas within a residence that enable the observation of weather’s passage while ensuring protection. Moreover, it requires the provision of retreats that offer a personal sense of safety and security.

The proposed house sits amidst a sparsely populated countryside on a mountain, surrounded by farmlands and native bush. Our aim is to integrate outdoor entertainment into the exposed ridgeline, prioritizing quality over scale. Comprising two slightly offset pavilions, the design evokes bravery in its approach. The curved roof pavilion harmonizes with the landscape, while the offset circular wall envelops with a protective embrace. Curved glass opens to connect with the lawn, akin to a canopy at a cave’s entrance. Materials like white marble, wood, and stone play harmonious games, creating a space that feels excavated, ensuring privacy and security.

The essence of this home is its role as a sanctuary from detachment. Architecture transcends mere materials; it influences emotions. It’s not about stone, wood, or proportions, but the impact they evoke. Residing here is grounding and serene. This dwelling serves as a conduit for profound experiences, enhancing existing sentiments. It’s designed not to overshadow, but to magnify. The house becomes a vessel, intensifying the intrinsic. Inhabiting this space cultivates a sense of centeredness and amplifies tranquility, underscoring how architecture profoundly shapes our connection with the surroundings and ourselves.

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