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The Cuarc House

Janhavi Kankale, Shrushti Omble, Rima George

"Minimalism is about taking away, but also about giving back."
- John Pawson
A family who recently escaped city life for peace and nature wants a simple and functional home. Designing a minimal house for a family of 3 consists of Mr. Smith is a homemaker and loves cooking, Mrs. Smith is self-employed (a digital artist) and works from home full time, and their daughter is home-schooled. This house is their way of gaining more control over their lives by embracing a simple lifestyle

This design focuses on creating a strong indoor-outdoor connection with a seamless blending of minimalism, vaulted spaces, arches, and a strong indoor-outdoor connection. The aim is to embrace simplicity, optimize functionality, and celebrate the interaction between built and natural environments
The design embraces simplicity through clean lines, neutral tones, and an uncluttered design. As structural elements, vaults add grandeur and efficiency. Arches serve as transitions and aesthetic features, showing elegance. The focal point is a fluid indoor-outdoor connection achieved by extensive blurring the distinction between interior and exterior spaces. he indoor-outdoor connectivity of the house is a key feature that allows the family to seamlessly transition between the interior and exterior spaces of the house. This feature is particularly beneficial for the family, as it enables them to enjoy the natural surroundings and the fresh air while still being within the confines of their home.
Natural materials like wood, stone, and concrete are employed to maintain authenticity, while furnishings follow a minimalist approach with functional, textured pieces and integrating landscape, outdoor kitchen, garden spaces into the design to enhance the outdoor experience more. Ultimately, the design harmonizes these elements to craft a space that fulfils the needs of the family and deepens the connection between the minimal approach and nature.

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