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The Edge

Jian Liang

Hong Kong, one of the largest and busiest metropolitan cities in the world, is often referred to as "a concrete jungle." However, hidden within its borders are more than 260 islands, each boasting stunning landscapes that remain largely unexplored. Among these islands, Pak Lap Wan stands out as a serene sea bay in the South China Sea, and it is here that The Smiths have chosen to relocate, building their new home called "The Edge" atop a cliff. The location offers the perfect setting to be immersed in the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore and enveloped in refreshing sea breezes.

In adhering to the minimalist principle, The Edge utilizes only concrete as its primary building material. The rough texture of the concrete façade resembles the cliff rock, allowing the house to blend harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

A key feature of The Edge is the seamless connection between the kitchen, balcony, and dining room through sliding doors. This design allows Mr. Smith, who is an avid cooking enthusiast, to prepare meals while enjoying panoramic views of the ocean and simultaneously engaging in family gatherings or entertaining guests. This layout provides a seamless flow of movement and enhances the sense of connectedness within the home. The open-plan design promotes a sense of spaciousness and unites the indoor and outdoor spaces, making the most of the breathtaking ocean vista.

Given Hong Kong's tropical climate, it is essential to adopt passive strategies for climate control. The ceiling above the balcony provides adequate shading for the living room, mitigating the intense heat from the sun. Furthermore, carefully placed openings on both sides of the space facilitate natural cross-ventilation, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh air throughout the home. By employing these passive design elements, The Edge offers a comfortable and enjoyable living environment for the Smiths, enhancing their connection to nature and maximizing their enjoyment of the island's natural beauty.

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