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The Gentle Light

Caio Simonetti

The project aims to create spaces that are peaceful and cozy for a family of 3 members. For this purpose, the color palette selected was greatly reduced, limited to white tones and natural elements (wood, plants, and water).
The construction harmonizes with the landscape and vegetation, this time not only through transparency, but also by bringing natural elements into the indoor environment, providing a fresher air and reduced temperatures.

The house was positioned so that the West facade (strongest sunlight) would have most of the sun barriers, these being the private areas on the ground floor.

The circulation flow is divided into 2 main corridors, 1 for vertical circulation, and several means to circulate between the main wings of the house.

The house creates a wind corridor by opening the large pivot doors, thus preventing heat from accumulating inside the residence.

The sun manages to enter subtly through the spaces existing between different parts of the roof, thus allowing light to permeate the environment more gently when the sun is shining.

The project aims to enhance the sense of integration between home and forest; all rooms allow for the complete opening of their enclosures.

The enclosure consists of 3 elements:

- Retractable glass wall
- Folding blinds
- Glass balustrade.

Thus, any room can close itself for more privacy and open up when it's desirable to integrate the space with the rest of the surroundings.

The roof of the bedrooms is composed of 2 layers of glass, with a white thermal insulator filling the gap. This insulator resembles cotton; therefore, during the day, the room utilizes the gaps for light entry to illuminate the bedrooms. The insulator is lit, creating the sensation of being a cloud, and it serves to muffle the sound from the respective rooms.

Furniture is an essential part of the project. After all, what's the point of a cozy space if it's not optimized?!
In this way, all the ground floor furniture was designed to maintain the same architectural language and preserve the feeling of coziness.

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