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The Home of Hermit

Yi Chiech Yao, Yuan-Yi Chao & Yu Hsi Lin

Zhongnan Mountain is a mysterious mountain, here is a famous Monastic Holy Land since ancient times. It is still one of the few places in the world where there are still mountain hermits. Due to the ancient buildings which are left by previous residents, some of the buildings are not suitable for people to live in seclusion, we use the living pattern of these hermits to design a residence for these special people.

卍, is a important symbol in Buddhism world, so we use the shape of “卍”to become the pattern of our architectural plan, with the volume inserting into a waterfalling mountain walls, the hermits can live around “卍” in this building according to the time trajectory of sunlight. Sunlight and water become an essential character in there life, and we use these elements to create different atmospheres which are suitable for hermit. There is a saying in Zen Buddhism: "A kind heart is like water". Water has countless functions, and the kindness of water is boundless. Sunlight guide water, and water become a important surrounding in hermit’s life, the interaction of two elements remind the user "There are many difficulties in the world, one should learn from the water and live in the right place" all the time.

Sunlight shines into each space in turn, and the schedule of the hermit would conduct through the lighten room. The first sunlight of a day light into the bedroom, he shadow of trees into interior. This gives the hint to the hermits to live by the routine of nature. he strong sunlight at noon would be gentle through the bamboo wall in static rest space, the yellow sunlight in afternoon light in the sidewalk and the flowing water, let the hermit feel the vitality of nature, and end up on the roof platform watching the sunset.

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