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The Lake Side House

Sameer Pawar, Diksha Wavhal Vislavath Praveen Naik, Sanjana Kamisetti

House is designed for the family of Three husband, wife, and their 5 years’ daughter. Mr. Smith is a homemaker and loves cooking, Mrs. Smith is self-employed (A digital artist) and works from home full time, and their daughter is home-schooled.

The site is Located at Kodamaram Ooty Tamilnadu in India The house is facing avalanche lakefront. Kodamaram is a small hill station located in the Nilgiri hills, about 10 kilometers from Ooty. The topography of Kodamaram is typical of the Nilgiri hills, with rolling hills, lush forests, and steep valleys.

The structure will be built on a hill overlooking a lake. The long axis of the structure will run parallel to the lakeshore, with the C-shape facing north. This will allow the house to maximize its views of the lake and the surrounding forest.

The exterior of the structure made of white concrete and The walls are smooth and uncluttered.

The furniture is simple and modern, with a mix of white and brown pieces. The roof has flat Roof with skylights, allowing natural light to enter the house.

The house is designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The walls are made of insulated concrete forms, which help to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The house will be divided into four main sections: the living area, the sleeping area, studio and the kitchen/dining.

Every section of the room is oriented towards avalanche lake with large windows that offer views of the lake.

The living area will be located in the center of the house, with access to landscape courtyard and deck.

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