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The Moving House

Mrunal Khandare, Atharva Velhal

A "House on the Wheel" refers to a unique architectural concept where a residential structure is designed with the capacity to separate and isolate each individual room. This innovative design aims to offer enhanced flexibility and adaptability to the living space. Each room within the house is equipped with the ability to function independently, allowing residents to modify the layout of the house according to their specific needs and preferences. This concept is driven by the desire to optimize space utilization and accommodate changing requirements within a single dwelling. The "House on the Wheel" concept represents a novel approach to residential design, prioritizing versatility and personalization while offering a new level of spatial freedom within a home environment.
The motive behind giving a movable house is so that being in isolation from the rest of the people, the Smith family can enjoy a different view, different layout of the house, and add a fun element in their quiet and peaceful lifestyle.
This house can also give them privacy from each other during their work time, which can help them to focus on their individual work.
The options are in such a way were
1. Mr. Smith can move kitchen towards the spices garden to cooking using his organic farming
2. The library can be isolated from the house so that the daughter will be away from television in the house.
3. The office can move towards west or east to watch the sunrise and sunset while working.
Any two rooms can be attached whenever required like the office and Library so mother daughter can work and study together or Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith can work right next to each other, so daughter’s bedroom and library can be joined.
Many more options can be done as the family desires.
The mechanism of the house is in such a way where the house will be resting on the steel Section when it is not moving, and whenever the family wants to move it the wheel will be pushed down by using air suspension and lift the house up for the movement to happen. After moving the house to the desired location, the wheel will be retracted and the house will again rest on the steel Section so that it will be stable.
Materials used for building are
1. Tires
2. Air Suspension bars
3. Steel Sections
4. framework for the types
5. Steel bars
6. SIP (Structural Insulating Panel) so that the walls and overall structure will be light weighted so that it will be easily lifted up on the wheels and move easily)
Concluding our structure.

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