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The Origin

Kiran Chavan, Roshan Suryawanshi & Anurag aochar

24th March 2121
8:30 P.M, somewhere on earth.
Night wind over the great dawn, peak of silence with lights here and there between the dark building and trees. A grandpa and a child went on a night walk. Child asked Grandpa “Why do we see so many trees around us?” Grandpa smiled and replied “let me tell you an interesting story about our planet earth”
Before cyclone T 444,
A long time ago in 2020; humanity was struggling with deadly disease corona. Perhaps it was just the beginning of the chain. After which there were many calamities. It ended with T444 which took all of the present technology and information available to us. We had to start all from the beginning.
It all started from year 2051
Human race after facing series of unpredicted natural calamities was hopeless. At this high time all of us have realized nature can perform both roles life giver and taker, it depends on us how we deal with it. So, we started to think back to our origin and sustainable way of living by strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges and find hope along the way. There was a scientist who had invented living building material which was then transform into a living building by mimicking the tree properties. So, this how we learn to live with the nature and that’s the reason we see so many trees around us.

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