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The Rising Stare

Ting ting Liu, Zhì yǐng Wei & Jìng yì Cheng

Taking Shanghai's new-style lilong residential buildings as the object of transformation, the triple-buildings were transformed into a small office community for operation and design services. The office community design hopes to emphasize user premises, connectivity and sense of community, and sustainability.

The pandemic reminds us of the importance of valuing the individual value of the employees, whose health and well-beings are closely linked to the productivity of their companies. To this end, a double-height hall on the second floor is set at the entrance, and a multi-functional spiral staircase device is placed. Employees can give speeches, discuss, relax and watch exhibitions here, making it a small "urban living room". Building space from the perspective of users encourages more active communication and cooperation
between employees within a safe distance in the post-epidemic era, and truly inspires the value of office space. Aware that modern people work under great pressure, our design brings into the meditative space. At the same time, we pay attention to the preservation of the spirit of Shanghai Alley. We respect the original site scale and retain the patio and other characteristic of the space.

Inspired by the harmonious neighborhood activities of Shanghai Lilong residential houses, the spirit of place is extracted into our design, which has undergone changes in times and functions. The front section of the first and second floors of the room is opened. When employees walk, watch the exhibition and sit down for discussion on the stairway device in the hall, they will look at each other: the line of sight will touch each other or one part is in the perspective of staring, that is, "staring at the ring". This is also our discussion of "connectivity and community" in the post-PANDEMIC era-creating a workplace experience with a sense of belonging can increase people's confidence in returning to the office.

In the renovation, we kept all the Windows and tried to maximize the penetration of natural light in the spatial layout to reduce the energy consumption of artificial light source. The space flow is transparent, the wind is connected through the loop, combined with the garden, patio, roof and indoor green implantation, to create a healthy and comfortable experience of oxygen bar, and can reduce the use time of air conditioning. Achieve sustainability within the system.

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