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The Room with a view

Xilin Shen, Zhaodang Duan, Hongjuan Liao, Yunjie Xie

Minimalism is a design style that pursues simplicity to the extreme. It simplifies the light, wall and body of space, which means that the simplest composition principle is used to create the maximum degree of integrity and penetration of different levels of vision. The decoration style of Minimalism can obviously experience simplicity and neatness in the sense.

It should be noted that Minimalism does not mean compromise and concession of lifestyle. In other words, what it seeks is not the greatest common divisor of people's lifestyle, but the Least common multiple. On the basis of respecting the life trajectory of the Smith family, more communication opportunities have been created. The open living room, restaurant, and kitchen provide a stage for the father who loves household chores, and the studio of the mother and daughter has the opportunity to exchange views. More importantly, we have a panoramic view of the Natural landscape, and people and nature interact better.

Returning to the building itself, the site of the building is located on a slope facing the Southern Bay in Qinhuang Island, China. The overall structure presents a simple rectangle, with huge horizontal floor to ceiling long windows running through the entire southern facade, providing a good view and sufficient lighting, which is also extremely necessary for people in the north. At the same time, the entire building also appears flexible and transparent due to the use of glass materials. In full correspondence with the terrain, the entire building is "embedded" in the slope, with one floor completely above ground, and the underground floor only exposed to the east, west, and south, while the north is covered up. The residence is like a viewfinder located on a hillside by the sea, providing a panoramic view of the southern sea.

As Architect Alberto Campo Baeza puts it,“Essential Architecture is neither cold, nor cruel, neither perfectionist nor untouchable, neither oppressive nor overwhelming, it is not just to be photographed, it is clean and simple, it is natural and open, it is free and liberating, it is for living.” We firmly believe that the house will create a harmonious atmosphere for the family.

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