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The Sentients Palace

Tianjian Li, Yifan Deng
United States

Check out the music piece by clicking the link below:

The Sentients Palace is built based on the “the introvert”, a magnificent compose from Michael Kobrin. This piece of music is fragile and powerful at the same time.To our understanding, the piece is vividly depicting the story of how the introvert ones end up in an unfamiliar environment and fight to survive the situation in a miraculous manner.
The music starts with gentle piano strikeswhich slowly bring the audienceto anonchalantatmosphere. The recurring melody with variation at each subsection heralds the dramatic turn ahead. Then the crescendo drum slowly kick in, brings along insatiability and chaos. In the next phase, with the introduction of Cello and violin, the emotion was pushed to the summit. Finally, everything suddenly comes to an end, only a few pianos notes are left echoing with the peaceful beginning.
We divided the music into 5 major chapters according to the different character of each: Suspecting, Encountering, Struggling, Fighting and Elevating.
Based on our understanding to the emotions, we built the Sentients Palace which spatialize the story that the music is trying to convey.The pitch, texture, duration and reverberation for each element in the compose is translated to architectural elements that scattered around the palace as ceilings, walls and columns that defines the character of each episode. In similar manner with the music, starting with smaller scale, the recurring spiral stairs with high walls is forcing the visitor to go a certain route. With the suspicion in mind, visitor will next come to the wavy open plaza which has a more soothing quality. However, the deformed columns, which visualize the drum from the music piece, hint the emotion change in the next chapter. The repeating, zigging alley with only slits of light introduced is creating tension in the nerves. Through the door, visitor will enter the amphitheater where one feels the pressure of suddenly be presented and acting in front of the crowd. Eventually, climbing up the stairs escaping from the mass audience, there comesthe grand stair with elegant curved forms and symmetrical open space. Running up the stairs trying to get away from all these madness, one finally arrives to the exit. Tranquility reclaimed and the journey comes to an end.
We believe that every human being has an introvert self deep in the subconscious. Thus, the palace is designed for all sentient beings that is curious about their sentimental self. This is a palace for meditation, healing, and for exploring the meaning of existence. Every visitor is welcomed to take this immersive journey, develop themselves into characters and become part of the story.

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