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The Soul Project

Aarzoo R, Anjali Kulshrestha & Harshitha S

In a world where everyone is worked up in their own routines, each facing their own battles everyday, one looks on to get away from their daily life often, to some place that makes them feel mentally and spiritually better. In the middle of this clockwork, we believe that humans have forgotten to fully feel emotions, be it positive or negative. We have created spaces, following a pathway, where the human mind comes out of existing stress and feels the extent of each of the basic emotions. The design incorporates 6 structures, inspired by the form of a tree (as it represents life), with each structure consisting of a pod. Each pod features a single emotion : Anger, Calmness, Fear, Surprise, Sadness and Happiness; where one can fully feel these emotions. The Calmness pod relieves one of the anger felt in the earlier pod; the Surprise pod helps one to come out of the fear they felt in the earlier pod, and similarly, the happiness pod aims to relieve one of the sadness felt earlier. The pathway ends with the Happiness pod, having people leaving the place with positive vibes.

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