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The Teak House

Himisha Patel, Sanika Nale

Home is a pausing place in a city, which gives no place to think and reflect. A destination to feel secure and comfortable. A place where everyone gets their own private space and time.
Mumbai. The city where people are always in a rush and is full of chaos and crowd. The dabbawallas of Mumbai, the huge network of local trains, the slums and the daily hustle makes Mumbai intriguing. Home to different cultural and religious diversities that connects people to each other. On the other hand, there is a huge contrast in the standard of living. In Spite of all these differences the people share a sense of belonging and celebrate without any distinction.
Sanjay Gandhi national park is located in the suburbs of Mumbai. The barren land holds open roads surrounded with vegetation. The place initially gives a sense of tranquillity and loneliness due to the vastness of the space. Kanheri Caves is the topmost point of the Sanjay Gandhi national park. The caves are divided on three hills and comprises of 109 caves. Buddhist monks inhabited the caves for nearly a millennium. These are rock cut caves carved out of Deccan basalt rock. The caves are cooler than the surroundings even in the summers.

Adapting the concept of downsizing living spaces , our team is focusing on a project for ASI(Archaeological survey of India) Researcher and ASI Officer. The site resides at the foothills of kanheri caves. It is a public space and have very frequent visitors. Privacy being the major need for the user along with adequate ventilation and appreciation of nature.

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