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The Time Loop

Dora Otano, Nicolle Leon Mata Lilyana Schilling

Keeping the home minimalistic, while using architectural strategies to create a home that can be a sanctuary in the picturesque rural area of Nara Japan for the couple and their child. This project revolves around the idea of slowing of time. The circulation of this project is in a spiral shape where one experiences every part of the house as they ascend each program in a loop. Space is expanded by breaking up the program into floating floor plates. This creates pauses as one must step to enter a new space. Each floor plate also extrudes and expands to create rings. We use the rings to frame views in every step which again makes the space feel larger. The panoramic views also add a feeling of intensity as one ascends through every floor in a spiral rhythm creating an experience of slowing time and appreciating small moments throughout the interiors. We also use the rings as a source of built-in furniture for the house itself. The time loop house uses voids as spaces, the breaking of plates and panorama views to integrate nature into a minimalistic home.

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