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Aditya Sheth & Manthan Rathod

TOI - LIT is a term that defines a toilet as a light box that acts as a lantern at night. The design metaphorically and physically uses the idea of a wall to cast light effects which are not only external, but also lets light pass into the interior. In this way, excellent natural lighting is obtained during the day, and also appears as a visual beacon when illuminated at night, providing a strong dynamic presence in the area. The toilet serves not as an obstruction but as a window to hygiene and a more lightful experience. It reduces people and objects into subtle silhouettes with varying intensities. In this way, the material adds layers of brightness, movement and ambiguity that enhance a project’s aesthetics.

The project strategy is based on economic and movable principles of construction, exploring the use of polycarbonate sheets and metal framework as the main materials. The material palette and structural system offer good thermal insulation, clean lines, lightness of structure, and colored / light effects, which are welcome. It can have turned into unlike-coloured translucent facades all over Brts transit stations, allowing for expressive facades & generating highly luminous and bright spaces which replace our dark smelly toilets. Here, the color psychology plays a very important role. In which light color facade are used for maintaining the cleanliness aspect of it, where red color create drama & attracts attention compared to its surroundings.

The structure is divided up into two, forming one male & disabled toilet with separate entry and one female cubicle. Both are roughly semi-circular; they sit alongside one another facing in different direction.

Proposed site

Selecting highly public space, In Ahmedabad - brts (bus rapid transit system) lack in providing public washroom and drinking facilities all over their route stretched over a length of 155 kilometres with average 500k commuters every day running almost 18 hours of operations with over 182 stations. This project is an attempt to reflect upon this thought and offer a Public Washroom as Transit area toilets which caters to tourists, locals, and travellers. The project is conceived as a system adaptable to the majority of bus stands across the country. The spatial layout of design and material evolves into a compact modular unit, repeating and layering as per contextual requirement of the transit stations.

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