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Transforming Decay into Magic

Minzhe Li and Wenjing Wang

In Fuzhou's Zhuzi Alley, the miracle of lacquer art is quietly blossoming.

The exterior of this installation is unassuming, with inconspicuous colors, much like an unpolished piece of lacquerware - understated yet rich in depth. Only with human participation can the "lacquerware" come to life, shimmering and dazzling.

As we gaze from a distance, the translucent shell resembles a constellation, guiding us into a realm of wonders. Stepping into the recessed pathway, we delve into the essence of "lacquerware." Gentle light gradually emanates, causing ripples on the water's surface, painting layers of enchanting illusions. The interior space unfolds like a magical scroll, where reaching out to "polish" the lacquerware reveals splendid patterns at our fingertips. Here, the synergy of nature and craftsmanship creates each unique masterpiece.

I invite you to cross the gateway of time and immerse yourselves in the magnificent realm of lacquer art in Fuzhou. Starting from this point, wander through Zhuzi Alley, and I will lead you on a profound exploration of the wondrous secrets of lacquer art...

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