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Urban Nest Residences

Tsz Kiu Wong & Samuel Kwabena Gurah

In the backdrop of the serene Niu Blau environment and its breathtaking sea views, our architectural approach for "Project Title" is driven by the vision of transforming a supposed junkyard of Niu Blau into a dynamic and sustainable wellness destination. Drawing inspiration from Habitat 67 and the prevailing trends in sustainable tourism, our design focuses on utilizing stacked modular units to create an environmentally conscious, expandable, and vibrant living and entertainment space.

Therefore, we explore the potential of prefabricated modular units. Our goal is to implement these units in an eco-friendly manner, minimizing carbon emissions while offering the adaptability required for future urban development. These rectangular units are constructed using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and securely assembled onto precast post and beam wood structures.

The primary levels of “Project Title” include the ground floor and the subsequent upper floors. The ground floor is meticulously designed to promote interaction and vitality. It features lush gardens, water elements such as ponds, swimming pools, and fountains, seamlessly integrated with sitting areas and recreational spaces. This design smoothly transitions toward the nearby sea, culminating in a descending decking area that transforms into an amphitheatre. The goal here is to breathe new life into the once-neglected junkyard, establishing a vibrant community park and entertainment zone, catering to the energy of young individuals. The upper floors of "Project Title" are dedicated to a range of room sizes and layouts to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of its inhabitants. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to foster community spirit, with common sitting areas that encourage social interactions and discussions. The units offer the opportunity for personalization, ensuring that each individual can shape their living space to reflect their unique identity and lifestyle.

Throughout "Project Title," the integration of garden terraces and private balconies is a deliberate choice to invite greenery and plant life into the architectural design, while also affording residents the opportunity to interact with nature and each other. The terraces provide a breath of fresh air, allowing users to experience the outdoors and engage with their neighbours.

In summary, "Project Title" represents a sustainable and inclusive approach to enhance the picturesque coastal area of Ibiza. It empowers residents to customize their living spaces according to their bohemian lifestyles and preferences while fostering a sense of community in this unique and breath-taking environment.

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