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Urban Detox

Yebin Park
South Korea

Teheran-ro in Seoul is the largest business district in Korea, which is a city where many people gather to live a day. With the remarkable development of technology, the world is made up of too much and fast information. This pattern appeared in space, regardless of media, economy, or culture. For instance, there are a multipurpose space where you must capture countless people and do various activities at once, and an open space where you can share your information through various communication. It's changing in line with the technological age, but what kind of space does the human mind want?
There are abandoned spaces between large buildings that burden the human mind. If you have your own little space in these spaces, you can let go of the heavy mind of living in a big world at any time.

Kim, who works for Company A where communication is important, is swimming in a sea of information while looking at computers in the noise of people in open offices. “I want to be alone.” Kick out of the seat and turn on the detoxing rotary application. Click the rotary button to pull out the detoxing space. It's red today. Take a trip for 30 minutes per day of detoxing. The way to the detoxing space is a single path. There's a long list of columns that one person can pass by. You can make your own way through the columns. There is a chair between the columns to rest. You can feel your own time by not sharing your gaze with other chairs.

There are no information or people in the Rotary program. It's a space where you only have yourself. There are purple, blue, green, yellow, red, and pink programs. Each space consists of a link program between the booth and the columns outside. Purple is the space of sleep. You can find peace of mind and sleep on the mattress in the booth by passing through the green columns where the plants hang. Blue can write by organizing your mind. You can leave your writing hanging from a column. Green is a place to relieve stress by taking a foot bath. After finishing the foot bath in the booth, take a walk and dry your feet with the wind coming out of the columns. Yellow, you can dance while listening to music or just enjoy it. The lights from the yellow columns make your mind sparkle. Red creates a mysterious and secretive space with fog coming out of the columns. You can take your mind out of this secret space and scream and relieve your stress at work in the soundproof booth. Pink is a place where you draw pictures using your creativity. It serves as a gallery by displaying paintings on columns outside the booth. Not only users but also people in the building can stay comfortably by looking at various detoxing spaces rather than the existing nearby building views.

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