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Valiant Modernism

Camila Magallanes Lagos, Elana Jones & Sydney Ly

Taking root in 1919 and only functioning as a school for fourteen years, the Bauhaus has had a great impact on how the arts are approached and taught today. This movement’s goal focuses on uniting the fine arts with a functional design and creating practical objects with the souls of artworks. At this school, experimentation and problem solving were stressed as was a focus on the intellectual and theoretical approaches to art. These teachings inspire generations of new designers who design with an emphasis on both soul and practicality. Creations now involve breaking past the hierarchy established in the Renaissance to develop modern designs that involve a simple color palette, focus on geometric forms, balanced asymmetry, and smooth facades. By straying from the detailed oriented past, designers have begun developing simpler styles which better fulfil their functions through all artistic mediums.

An example of the Bauhaus principles being applied in the real world is displayed in Walter Gropius’s house located in Massachusetts. The house has a vernacular approach to it. Every aspect of the house, including the surrounding landscape, is planned to maximize the efficiency and simplicity of the space. The form of the house is very minimalistic, mainly composed of rectangular volumes and shapes which creates a better flow between open and private space inside the building. The home displays an extensive use of glass in the external facade which allows sufficient sunlight into the building throughout the day. This home has many similar features to other houses that were designed following the Bauhaus movement, which indicates that it has also been influenced by the Bauhaus Movement.

Our project is a structure that can be used to display a variety of different artworks to an audience. The stage can function to display a fashion show to even serve as a space in which music artists can perform. The structure follows an asymmetrical pattern that is created by the opening on one of the parts of the structure that is highlighted in yellow, which contrasts with the other solid yellow highlighted wall. The shape of the overall structure was created by using a mixture of additive and subtractive design with the use of rectangular shapes, similar to the house that was previously mentioned. The second concept board displays an array of ideas of the theme that would be better used within the space, since our main idea was that the structure would complement the diverse artworks displayed in the space.

Although the school began over a century ago, the Bauhaus’s strong influence is present to this day. Inspired by this movement, designers have pushed past the set of rules developed in the Renaissance and shaped their works to achieve functionality with soul. Today, creations are born to better support all people as well as achieve an every day full of functionality and life. The Bauhaus movement is represented by simple yet functional designs. When talking about designs, not only buildings fit into this category but also furniture, art, and even fashion. On an international scale, the majority of Bauhaus designs break the traditional forms of art, which are often detail-oriented and sometimes may bring more focus on aesthetics. One can see this influence in how the work is crafted and its intended use.

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