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Vichar Sangraha

Adwait Ambekar, Neha Malani, Navya Malu

Building a new library in Khimsar, Rajasthan, can hold several important benefits for the community and the region. By providing easy access to information, a new library can help individuals, students, and researchers explore various subjects, stimulate curiosity, and expand their horizons. Libraries often serve as community hubs, fostering a sense of belonging and bringing people together. They can host events, workshops, and discussions that promote social interaction and engagement.

The mass is oriented on the site such that it would allow maximum natural light to enter into the space. The mass is divided into different zones based on their usability.

A private seating space- People have different learning styles and preferences for studying. While some thrive in a bustling and collaborative atmosphere, others prefer a quieter and solitary space. Private reading zones cater to those who benefit from a quieter environment.

A group study Space-Group reading zones provide a space where people can come together to read and discuss books, articles, or other materials. This fosters a sense of community and allows readers to share ideas, interpretations, and insights, enriching their understanding of the content.

A central courtyard - could serve as a social hub where people with similar interests can connect and form relationships. It will encourage social interaction and networking among library patrons, making the library a more vibrant and engaging space. It also allows natural ventilation keeping the library cool.

These spaces are separated by bookshelves and not permanent walls which provides a sense of openness to the space. The site has easy accessibility and there is no one defined entry to the structure. The mass opens up on the northern side to an open ground.

The material palette is chosen considering the context.
Rammed earth- The thermal mass of rammed earth walls helps regulate indoor temperature by absorbing and releasing heat slowly. The raw materials for rammed earth are generally inexpensive and widely available.

Terracotta jali -The design of the terracotta jali allows for reduced reliance on mechanical cooling systems. They provide privacy by allowing light and ventilation to pass through while obstructing the direct view from the outside.

Timber- Used for the structural system. Diagrid system is used so that longer spans for columns can be achieved. It also blends with the context and other materials.

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