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Vitruvian Society: A biomimicry of inclusive spaces

José Luis Pérez Hermo

Vitruvian society aims to explore innovative frontiers of architectural space by materializing ‘people’s aura’, or personal space, of individuals into tangible forms, facilitating dynamic interaction and shaping adaptable spaces. Aura manifests through architectural structures that adapt to serve each person’s unique needs providing an inclusive ambience. As these atmospheres interact and overlap, they form larger, communal spaces - embodying shared needs and desires. This dynamic interaction facilitates the growth and contraction of the built environment, allowing the architecture to evolve seamlessly with society. Thus, auras become tangible through the responsive and adaptive nature of the built environment itself.

That concept proposes a society that thrives on fluidity and adaptability, unrestricted by rigid boundaries. Vitruvian society adjusts its scale based on the interactive resonance of individuals’ auras, cultivating inclusivity and environmental harmony. This represents a dynamic, aura-driven societal growth that’s rooted in sustainable practices. Integration concept supports adaptable expansion and sustainably encompassing new territories as needed.

Amplifying current society grow, aura concept means a significant extension of human energy, fostering the formation of these inclusive clusters, envisioning a society from the standpoint of human energy dynamics, thus amplifying community engagement. This approach stimulates interaction of innovative systems and social dimensions.

Society has the ability to expand in a sustainable manner, precisely when necessary. This clustering is carried out in a wholly inclusive way, respecting the energetic environment of each person for the complete growth of society, ensuring every person feels valued and integrated. This concept celebrates auras diversity, recognizing them as the driving force for a vibrant, truly inclusive society.

In pursuit of well-being, every member of society contributes to the healthcare system. In this shared solidarity, membranes materialize collectively, ensuring all individual needs are communicated and treated accordingly. If required, the collective societal energy converges, focusing its energy towards healing, showcasing the power of shared interconnected resilience.

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