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Seung Hui Han

The human living space is one giant Vivarium that takes place within the Earth.
Humans cannot coexist with other life forms, create their own space, destroy the Earth, and eventually abandon it.
Abandoned humans want to create a new ecosystem that encompasses other creatures to survive on Earth.
It is the beginning of the Earth's slow recovery and return to its original life.

Board 1
In 100 years, as global warming intensifies, sea levels will rise, and cities will be flooded. Therefore, humans have no choice but to live underwater.

Board 2
There are many different types of Vivarium, which means Place of Life.
Terarium contains the plant's ecosystem.
Insectarium contains the ecosystem of insects.
It is called herpetarium that contains the ecosystems of reptiles and amphibians.
Then what is the ecosystem that contains humans?
I name it humarium.

Board 3
Humans customize and use modular houses according to individual characteristics.
People with different lifestyles can meet and live together at each other's home, Humorium.
(An intuitive example is a farmer and a doctor.)

Board 4
Humans, who have been moving around the sea for a long time, miraculously discover the land created by the Earth. Mooring on land, mankind takes its first steps back to land life.

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