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Wonder Station

Zihan Fan & Qiyue Fu

Every day spent in a pandemic is a testing time for individuals, and the stress, anxiety experienced by individuals who are alone is a natural and understandable feeling given the risks associated with mass gatherings. The loneliness that comes with social isolation, the pressure to live a healthy life and the economic downturn are all part of the vortex that hurts people's hearts and minds. The project aims to rethink how people will adapt to the pandemic era, designing imaginative architecture while using the building itself to help heal the soul.
The project is named 'wonder station' and the main body of the building is mechanically assembled, with people moving through the mechanical staircase to access the different doors to the derivative building.
"yes family, not family" - is a building made up of countless pieces of furniture. In a time of pandemics, when many people, living alone or not, felt lonely and stressed due to the lack of necessary emotional interaction, this place wanted to create a homely and dinning-like environment, bringing comfort to people in a warm and family-like building.
"back to the lair" - is a 3d printed modern lair. The building is intended for people who like to "micro-communicate", who may need to be in contact with people but do not want to socialise too much, and can enter the "lair". The " lair " is like a return to the beginning of the world and to the womb, satisfying the need for security and scientific research has shown that the wraparound egg-shaped building is ideal for reducing stress, while each egg-shaped lair has a connection, so that people in two adjacent lairs can communicate without meeting each other. "micro-communication" to heal each other.
All the 'spaces' explore the relationship between people, simple but profound; the patchwork of building fragments and building fragments, the communication between human and human, the echo of human and building - the subconscious connection. In the same way as wonderland's rabbit hole, people permeate architecture, architecture heals people, people and architecture become one, allowing people to find their most healthy & comfortable selves.

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