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Woven Dreams

Leyang Li, Duan Yuxi, Xu Yining & Zhong huaping

"Know thyself - Socrates".

For us, knowing ourselves is the first and most fundamental step to heal our inner selves. The rabbit hole, from Alice in Wonderland, means the entrance to another world, and the process of knowing oneself is discovering another world. It's not about the sound and the fury, but about finding the heart.

We believe that dreams are a reflection of one's innermost thoughts. In the process of recalling our dreams, we project our recent emotional feelings, unfulfilled desires, and other content. Dreams are traceable, and they are related to real life experiences in the present as well as to remembered past events. As in Freud's view, dreams are stories composed by the subconscious mind, expressing repressed emotional feelings in the waking state in lieu of fulfilling unfulfilled wishes.

Therefore, we hope to design a device that targets each person, by making them enter layer after layer of their inner world, gradually reaching what they think and feel deep inside, so that they can clearly know the confusion or anxiety they are facing at the moment and know themselves, thus achieving healing.

For this, we refer to the technology of the movie "Tomorrowland" and the concept of multiple dreams of "Inception", and add the concept of "metaverse". After entering the device, one can explore the "simulated world" created inside oneself just like dreaming, and then, with the gradual understanding of one's inner self, one will enter the next layer of "simulated world" until the final layer of "simulated world" inside oneself. Then, as one gets to know more and more about oneself, one moves on to the next layer of the "simulated world" until one reaches the final layer of the "world" within. As one continues to explore deeper and deeper into one's inner world, one will have a new perception of oneself and thus healing will occur.

The words "unknown and uncertain world" are the words that the rabbit hole suggests, so we wanted to combine the elements of science fiction, future and healing in the design.

For the overall shape, we drew inspiration from the Tree of Life and abstracted it into this shape. The tree of life itself has the symbolic meaning of abundance and infinity, which is why we chose this as the basic element to fit the theme of healing.

For the design of the healing space, we wanted to introduce some science fiction elements such as space-time and parallel worlds. So the circles in our main building part refer to the Wheel of Fate, symbolizing the space-time dimension; and through the infinite replication of many such circles, it symbolizes the concepts of parallel worlds and multiple dream worlds, and at the same time can better solve the problem of insufficient installations.

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