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X13 Island

King Yin Preston Chui & Man Hei Siu
Hong Kong

As the pandemic begins to end with restrictions easing, our X13 Island aims to promote a new way of living, one which emphasizes a holistic approach to healing one's mind.
The city is designed as a landscape painting with its tectonics, which holds different building programmes interconnected through a series of communal gardens and pavilions. The ease of access to parks promotes social interaction and physical well-being for the public. The nature of our landscapes is shaped as walking paths, which make the most out of one’s journey from place to place, by creating a therapeutic walk and slowing down one’s pace in today's overworked culture.
The beautiful scenery encourages one to walk, rather than to travel via carbon-intensive modes of transport, hence, our pedestrian and bike-only friendly island reduces environmental stresses, in the form of noise and air pollution. The flow of water is also drawn in naturally through our island. This helps regulate surface temperatures and draw in fresh airflow, in order to improve the respiratory health of passersby.
Apart from direct factors, architecture also plays a subconscious role in how our minds interact with them. Our fluid design language is inspired by the flow of water and is reflected across our building typology, form and infrastructure design. The openness of space and close connection to nature frees one’s mind from anxiety and claustrophobia, maintaining a sense of serenity throughout.
The building massings are designed to work coherently with the natural scenery, as they slope gently upwards. This mountainscape mimicry serves a duo purpose for enclosed programmes and also as a shield for the road infrastructure network which connects the island to a wider network. Our mirrored typology also offers the ability for expandability, in order to increase its adaptability to future population growths. All in all, our X13 Island reimagines the use of soothing landscapes in creating seamless infrastructure links on a master planning scale.

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