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Best TED talks on architecture that architects and architecture students must watch!

Being a creative field that is architecture, architects and architecture students are always in search of some inspiration. A better source of inspiration provides a clearer understanding of the subject that we are dealing with. We are always in search of knowledge that comes from professionals in practice who have a lot of experience. TED is a great source when it comes to professional knowledge and to sort out the best of best we have made a list of Ted Talks not specifically relating to architecture but inspiring architectural ideas.

Please check the list of the best of best Ted Talks:

BJARKE INGELS | 3 Warp Speed Architecture Tales

Ted Talk 01

This Ted Talk is a 2009 presentation by a Danish Architect, Bjarke Ingels wherein he discusses his philosophy of Yes is More. The presentation is mainly about how architectural designers focus on the end product and not on the process of designing and developing the ideas. The main argument being that architects should not go against the traditions but design such that it embraces the existing traditions. The projects featured in this presentation include the carbon-neutral Zira Island masterplan for Azerbaijan and the Danish pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

ALEJANDRO ARAVENA | My Architectural Philosophy- bring the community into the process

Ted Talk 02

This Ted Talk is a 2014 presentation by a Chilean Architect, Alejandro Aravena. He is the 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate. The Architect explains his own design philosophy which is addressing the right question that is to solve the complex design problems with easy solutions developed with the help of the community. He discusses the importance of participatory approach to design when dealing with major urban issues. Using a blackboard and chalk, Aravena takes us through three of his projects where simple solutions led to beautiful designs benefitting the community.

SHIGERU BAN | Emergency Shelters made from paper

Ted Talk 03

This Ted Talk is a 2013 presentation by a Japanese Architect, Shigeru Ban wherein he talks about the innovative use of paper tube in Architecture. His main focus being on emergency shelters, using low cost materials to construct buildings in disaster struck nations such as Rwanda and Japan.

OLE SCHEEREN | Why Great Architecture should tell a story

Ted Talk 04

This Ted Talk is a 2015 presentation by a German Architect, Ole Scheeren wherein he talks about considering human as a part of the building just as concrete, steel and glass and that buildings should be designed accordingly. The Architect takes us through five of his project which includes the CCTV Tower in Beijing, the massive Interlace residential complex in Singapore, and the Collaborative Cloud office building in Berlin.

FRANK GEHRY | my days as a Young Rebel

Ted talk 05

This Ted Talk is a 1990 presentation by a American-Canadian Architect, Frank Gehry, A man who views Architecture as a pure form of sculpture.. The famous Architect presents his early work wherein he tries to explain the contextuality of his designs which makes his designs understandable and weird at the same time.

DANIEL LIBESKIND | 17 words of Architectural Inspiration

Ted Talk 06

This Ted Talk is a 2009 presentation by an American-Polish Architect, Daniel Libeskind wherein he explains us his seventeen words which form his philosophy on Architecture and his ambition to create an unusual space, a space that has never existed before. He believes that Architecture is story that should reach the human soul and accordingly change our experiences. The architect believes in developing new ideas.

THOMAS HEATHERWICK | Building the Seed Cathedral

Ted Talk 07

This Ted Talk is a 2011 presentation by an English Designer, Thomas Heatherwick. He thinks out of the box and comes up with unusual designs solutions for problems. Creating new ways to do things that defy the conventional methods. He takes us through five of his projects which include ingenious bio-inspired designs and an extraordinary pavilion, the Seed Cathedral, that celebrates light.


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