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Archiol has organized this second edition of the Into the Rabbit Hole design competition to break the banality of healing architecture designs and test extreme possibilities in architectural design.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere.”

– Albert Einstein

This competition aims to explore; the use of imagination to design architectural spaces that can heal the human mind. Designers are responsible more for the well-being of people so get creative and develop exceptional solutions for the urgent issue of mental illness that humanity is facing. Accept this design challenge to explore your imagination at extreme levels.

This competition does not expect literal designs but conceptual design development beyond conditioned thinking, so think outside the box. Create a space, an underland that can heal stressed living beings using your geometry, your volume. Design an underland of your own.

Nothing is unreal!

"To create, one must first question everything."

-Eileen Gray


This competition aims to explore the use of imagination in healing architecture design.


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