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09.03.2020, Mon

© Karin Dom

The nominees in the architectural competition for a new Karin Dom building were announced at a press conference in the Municipality of Varna. In the event participated: the mayor Ivan Portnih, the chairman of the jury - arch. Martin Hristov , arch. Victor Buzev - chief architect of Varna Municipality, arch. Felix Yaparsidi – jury member, arch. Yavor Panev and lawyer Tsveta Yotsova – from the competition’s organizer Optimistas, Veselina Vassileva - project coordinator, as well as Karin Dom's team and media. Maya Doneva - executive director of Karin Dom opened with great excitement the envelope that kept the correspondence of the project numbers and the names of the participants. UNAS Studio Association - Bilyana Asenova and Sasha Chabati - Bulgaria - Germany unanimously won the vote of the jury members out of 174 projects from 48 countries on 5 continents with compact interior space, precise solutions and maximum green space.

The ranking of the first 6 projects is as follows:
First place:
UNAS Studio Association - Bilyana Asenova and Sasha Chabati,  Bulgaria – Germany
Second place:
Association Denis Olegovich Antokhin – Nikolai Vladimirivich Bukhantsov, Galina Isaevna Sheveleva, Victoria Victorovna Dumanova – Russian Federation
Third place:
atArchitecture Avneesh Tiwar – India
Fourth place:
Design team POV –  Bozhidara Valkova‐Goranova, Mariya Gyaurova, Boris Tikvarski, Mike Steve Fritsch – Bulgaria
Fifth place:
NADA team of architects: Georgi Subev, Antonina Tritakovaия Azalia Sargsyan – Bulgaria
Sixth place:
Tuungoo Arquitectos: Alberto Reques, Diego Penche Perez – Spain
Karin Dom will sign an agreement with the first ranked participant for development of a technical and working investment project and author’s supervision during the construction process. There are prizes for the ranked on the first three places projects.

The jury of the competition was held from February 29 to March 3, 2020. The jury included: Georgi Bogdanov - Chairman of Karin Dom’s Board of directors, Maya Doneva - Executive Director of Karin Dom, arch. Victor Buzev - Chief Architect of Varna Municipality, arch. Martin Hristov, arch. Borislav Georgiev, arch. Hristo Stankushev, arch. Aneta Vasileva, arch. Felix Yaparsidi, arch. Oscar Bellini. The organizers of the contest by Optimistos - arch. Yavor Panev and the lawyer Tsveta Yotsova-Stoeva and project coordinator Veselina Vassileva successfully implemented the whole competition and jury process.

Like any story, ours begins as a simple idea, a simple dream - to provide the best for the children. After the approval of the project by the Velux Foundation, this story has quickly become more than just an idea and a dream. In January 2019 the Municipality of Varna voted by a large majority to provide a plot in Varna, and by the end of November the same year Karin Dom launched an international competition for an architectural project. Karin Dom is gratitude also to the Chamber of Architects and the Union of Architects in Bulgaria, who supported the dissemination of the competition.

All the participants' projects will be published on the competition page
The construction of the new building is planned to start this autumn and should finish up to 3 years.

Karin Dom is thankful to all outstanding architects who participated in the competition, the wonderful jury and all partners who have been involved in the competition!


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