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Official name of the project:BlueArck Private Equity Workplace Design Location Contractors: Etro Construction Client: BlueArck Private Equity – Aleem Ahamed Lighting design: Edit Studios Architects/designers: Edit Studios Area of project: 4,500 sq.ft. Project manager: Alyson Gregoire (Etro Construction) Budget: $175 per sq.ft. Design team: Mikaila Johnson & Janay Koldingnes (Edit Studios) Project end date: September 2020 Photographer(s): Ema Peter Photography Engineers: Integral Group Collaborators/Vendors: Shaw Contract, Kentwood Floors, Inform Contract, Toolbox Contract, Julian Tile


In a year where few companies have dared to undertake a major office expansion, Edit Studios is unveiling a space that eschews the conservative design aesthetic generally associated with wealth management firms in favor of a more modern and welcoming approach. Located in Vancouver’s iconic Marine Building and designed for BlueArck Private Equity, the space mixes the elegant comfort of French Country with the sophistication of a modern Parisian office. This innovative design move is a reflection of BlueArck’s corporate culture and its desire to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The conventional dark woods and leather chesterfields of the typical private equity office have been swapped for a light, airy palette, herringbone floors, and luxurious drapery. The move towards a warmer atmosphere was a deliberate choice designed to create an environment more welcoming to attract a more equal mix of females into the profession.

The main entrance reveals a reception area that feels more like a living room for family and friends. Likewise, the modern bar is outfitted with all the comforts of the home highlighted by book-matched black and white marble with gold accents.

Hidden doors masked behind intricate moldings hide the inner workings of the office Inspired by hidden passageways from an old French Castle.   Soft draperies provide a way for staff to share spaces that can be easily cordoned off for privacy. Molding and wainscoting accent the walls, while modern furniture pieces, rich marbles, and traditional French light fixtures juxtapose old with new.