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Project name: Casa L&J Architect: Alvaro Moragrega / arquitecto Location: Zapopan, México Plot: 1,890 m2 Project Area: 740 m2 Year: 2018 Design Team: Carlos Ruiz Palomino, Emanuel Goñi, Karen Camacho, María José Galindo, Arthur Dalloni; Structural Design: Cero Motion - Juan Jesús Aguirre; General Contractor: Gruval Renderings:  Artisan Render


Alvaro Moragrega, a renowned Guadalajara-based architect, is proud to unveil Casa L&J, a residential project adjacent to a golf course in Zapopan, Mexico. Seeking balance between inspirational views and client privacy, the architect designed an L-shaped scheme, with the residence’s main volume, encased in steel and glass, serving as a barrier between the private areas of the residence and the adjacent golf course. The volume, featuring a pitched roof with flat black tiles, was designed in the image of a ‘shotgun shack’, or an elongated distribution of spaces progressing from public to private.

At one end of the volume, the main entrance opens into a spacious living room featuring a fireplace, piano, and dining area. A wooden enclosure houses a bar and storage area, dually serving to deflect views from the garden area. Adjacent to the dining area, a rammed earth volume, or tapia, frames a pantry, laundry room, and guest bathroom, dividing the main living room from the kitchen and family room. A custom-built structure houses part of the kitchen, as well as a bookcase with TV, and a small stove, thus blocking views from the golf course and reorienting them to the garden and pool areas.