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© Adrià Goula


Design: EL EQUIPO CREATIVO _ Oliver Franz Schmidt + Natali Canas del Pozo + Lucas Echeveste Lacy Team Members: Cesc Buxó, Daniel Trujillo Client: Effective Communicacion General Contractor: 4retail Photographer: Adrià Goula Surface: 1000 m² interior + 150 m² Terraza


Who has never dreamt of working at the beach?

The Swedish company Effective Communication approaches EL EQUIPO CREATIVO with a clear wish: to offer their young Swedish team a new fun and fresh workspace in Barcelona; a place where they can both “work hard” and “party hard”, and which allows them to celebrate their “after-work” events and “Friday barbecues”, important activities of their corporate strategy.

In summary, the objective is that the design help lighten the call-centre’s hard working schelule by offering spaces to relax, socialize and play. Through a new spatial concept, the company envisions generating a happy and fun company culture, with one aim: to retain their staff by developing personal relationships beyond work and creating a small “Swedish family” in Barcelona.

From the beginning, EL EQUIPO CREATIVO understood that the design needed to speak about the city of Barcelona, since it was the main element of attraction for the Swedish staff moving to the company’s new headquarters. And more specifically a spontaneous and fresh Barcelona, full of colour and joy, which is the image that the city exports to northern Europe.

The offices are in the Poble Nou neighbourhood, an old industrial and workshop area next to the coast, today converted into the 22@ District, the new technological and artistic centre of the city: the new “place to be” for any young company. Its proximity to the sea, and the idea of creating a playful workplace for young Swedes in Barcelona, made the designers think of creating an office inspired by the beach. Who has never dreamt of working at the beach?