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Project Name:Guelmim Airport          Type of Project: Airport          Location:Guelmim, Morocco Client: Office National des Aéroports - ONDA     Architects:Groupe3Architectes         Engineering consultant: TECH Etudes          Scheduling management and coordination: OMAIT Environmental consultant: Transsolar Landscape architect: Atelier Bertrand Houin      Project completion date:2018     Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): Terminal  :  7 000m² Other: 2 000m² Program: Terminal 1 / airport utilities / Parking Photographer:Fernando Guerra / FG+SG


The new Guelmim airport is integrated in an existing military infrastructure located 3km north of the city.

The stakes of the project were simplicity, efficiency, environmental control and extensibility, which is a prerequisite for the durability of an airport. It is with this objective that the construction of the building was designed in 2 phases, resulting in a linear design parallel to the runways.

 The terminal building consists of 2 double height halls that hold the waiting areas which open onto the landscape on one side and on the runways on the other, protected by wide overhangs and a light-filtering façade. The low-emissivity metal filter is a patchwork of perforated panels that draw the shade and colour the light, subtly evocating the decorative themes of the region. The linear main building located between the bonded zone and the duty free zone is topped with a patio that provides natural light to the heart of the building.

The main issue of the project was providing the maximum amount of natural light and ventilation to avoid expensive technical equipment, while optimizing the view of the surrounding landscape, which facilitates movement and flow of the building’s users.