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Client: Huazhu Group Ltd Address: No.100, Chengxing Road, Hangzhou CBD Design Team and creative director:Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou Interior Design: Garvin Hung, Jim Wang, Ruyi Tao, Chen Zhao Lighting Design: Vera Chu, Chia Huang Liao FF&E Design: Mavis Huang,  Sundi, Chen Lu Yang Furniture Design: Shang Xia Landscape Design: JULY COOPERATIVE COMPANY Multimedia Art: Cui Kaimin, Liudao ArtWorks: Ding Zhen, Jiang Jun, Zhao Xu, Liu Junli, Wu Xiaohang Landscape Design Images: JULY COOPERATIVE COMPANY Photographer: Yunpu Cai


Contemporary urban rhythm is rush and noisy, people always long for a quiet moment and leisure time. Staying away from the busy city is not easy. Just like the poet Mr. Su Shi said: The wild escape is the ultimate ideal. If people can keep the urban life but sometimes have an urban escape, the leisure time can be extended to become a part of daily life.

As a luxury hotel chain in China, the Joya Hotel aims to offer a quiet and elegant stay experience. In Vermilion Zhou's design purpose, they try to create an environment that reflects the beauty of the traditional lifestyle, every visit is to join the elegant banquet, to help guests escape the busy urban life and find inner peace.

Hangzhou is a quaint city in China, with its plentiful traditional culture, which has its unique city charm. Joya Hotel is located in the new development zone, surrounded by many other modern buildings, but through the entrance to the corridor, guests can quickly switch the mood and sense to the slow pace of the time by the art courtyard.

Into the hotel lobby, the fences decorated with vaguely dim lights. “Fragrant”, “Tea”, “Painting”, “Floral”, lead guests to join this elegant banquet, all the inspirations coming from the traditional culture. In every seat and corner, people can easily find their own place, the guests just blend into the fuzzy shadow. The motions of multimedia art “Woyou” created by artist Cui Kaimin, seem to tell the story of free and unfettered. The whole experience is trying to let the outside noise fade away step by step and relief the inner sentiment.

The "Stone" is one of the key elements in the hotel space, with many different forms of arts, guiding the guest through space to another space. It has its symbol for not only the stable sense but also the traditional aesthetics pursues. It creates a microcosmic landscape view, to reflect the cultural wisdom from the ancients. The music is also an important rhythm to join the "banquet", but in the music library, guests will have private time to immerse their freedom.

After a busy day in the guest room, the whole room continued with a harmonious tone. Vermilion Zhou Design Group aims to provide the safest and most comfortable private time. Between the static and the dynamic, to slow the time flow.

From the brand concept to interior design, Vermilion Zhou Design Group's design purpose is to create a hotel that emphasis contemporary lifestyle but is inspired by Chinese delicate culture. Providing a quiet escape place which is hidden in the city in Joya hotel, to explore the exclusive and graceful oriental lifetime.