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© Jose Miguel Gonzalez / Apertura Arquitectonica


Project: Kali Coffee Roasters Location: San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León, Mexico Completion Date: December 2021 Art Direction: Alejandro Peña Villarreal Acknowledgements: Concentrico Team: Alejandro Peña Villarreal, Head Architect Chiara Bartolacelli, Interior Design José María Cuevas, Architect Andrea Verastegui, Industrial Design Ok Design Collaborations: Silvia Elizondo Barrera, Industrial Design Octavio Torres Gándara, Industrial Design Construction & Workmanship: Julian Martinez, Lead Contractor Alejandro González, Construction Manager Rosendo Acosta, Electrician Esteban de la Rosa, Steel Work Visual Documentation: Apertura Arquitectónica Recording Architecture Grupo Meraki Materials & Suppliers: Curved Tiles: Debac Flat clay Tiles: Gadama Lighting: Tecnolite


CONCENTRICO unveils its masterfully designed environment for the esteemed workers of Kali Coffee Roasters®. This acclaimed Mexican brand, rooted in 30 years of cultivating top-tier coffee from the verdant lands of Chiapas, is set to elevate global coffee experiences. The term "Kali" resonates deeply, representing 'home' in the Nahuatl language and embodying the brand's core beliefs. As torchbearers of rich agricultural heritage, Kali Coffee Roasters® consistently supports its community with health, education, and housing programs.

Diving deep into local architecture, Concentrico drew inspiration from traditional homes with wood and dirt walls and protective clay ceiling tiles. The incorporation of these clay tiles into the interior design not only mirrors the community's lifestyle but introduces a distinct, warm texture that has become the brand's hallmark. Paired with strategic lighting, the curved shadows cast by these tiles mimic the silhouette of coffee beans, forging a seamless connection between space and product.
Central to the design is the coffee bar, placed strategically for every customer's view, becoming the project's pulsating heart. The open, industrial aesthetic fosters vibrant interactions, allowing baristas to showcase their prowess.

The significance of time is epitomized by the walnut wood adorning the bar and booths. Its intricate grain mirrors the earth's layers, symbolizing the labor-intensive journey of coffee: from planting to pouring that perfect cup. This process is sustainably overseen by Finca La Fortaleza, a proud bearer of the Rainforest Alliance certification.
Each furniture piece and light fixture, custom-crafted in partnership with Ok Design Studio, speaks volumes of meticulous research into local materials and designs.