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Les Ongles Diva Nails

Montréal, Canada

Les Ongles Diva Nails

Photo credits: David Boyer




Location: Montréal, QC, Canada

Area: 1460 pi. ca. / 135 m. ca.

Photographer: David Boyer

Client: Les ongles DIVA nails

Materials mostly used: Wallpaper, Ceramic tiles

Project's Team
Design: ISSADESIGN, design de l'environnement intégré

Flooring: Stonetile

Lighting: Lumigroup

Wallcovering: Crown Surfaces Solutions

To know more about the Architects 


Located in the heart of Montreal, the Diva Nails nail salon is looking to offer a new experience to its clientele. Designed by the ISSADESIGN agency, the project explores the theme of flowering. The space is designed to offer its clientele a temporary escape from urban life, while meeting the demands and needs of the modern person seeking agility and practicality in beauty services.


The brand identity is the embryo of the project. It goes far beyond aesthetics by creating a space that allows for a better user experience, as well as the creation of a sense of belonging for the customer. Inspired by the lotus flower, the project has a close relationship with nature, not only through the use of colour, flowers, and small-scale planting, but also through more subtle solutions implemented in the design. In other words, the patterns, furniture shapes, lighting, and other components of the project have all been carefully selected in the spirit of biophilia.