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© DmitriyTsyrenshchikov, Dmitriy Chebanenko


Architecture: IND Architects Project location: 6 Golutvinskiy 1st lane, Moscow city Size:  1,318 sq m Date: 2019 Photos: DmitriyTsyrenshchikov, Dmitriy Chebanenko


The interior design of L’ORÉAL’s office in Moscow has fused two vital features reflecting the company’s character and relevant tendencies. Firstly, it’s a tactful interior where each detail indicates its association with beauty industry; second, planning structure allows business processes run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

The company’s name–l’or (Fr., gold) and aureole (Fr., halo) was the inspiration for the concept. The brand of a gold circle turned into a background for forms creation, thus motion at the office is designed round the circle, a central zone also serves a bright core with a conference hall in a center and conference zones (open and closed) set round the circle.

The office is designed in agile format, allowing adjustment in the arrangement of workplaces with portable furniture depending on team requirements. The work areas are planned along the facade windows that firstly offer employees a Moscow view and secondly taking maximum advantage of natural light. The centrally planned conference room represents dimensions of various formats; arranging brief face-to-face meeting with many participants is possible. When designing conference room the designers were inspired by the cosmetic packing, for finishing they used the current quotations of the company as if pen scripted.

At the intersection of the main motion flows, there is a main hall which is the heart of the office. There are several scenarios for its application depending on the requirement. A co-working area for a group working at ordinary time, a hall for lectures, a demonstration on a flip-out screen, and workshops for group discussion and people sitting round a circle.

The interior is produced in delicate, comfortable for work colors, the accent is made on gold - brass elements, gold circles of lights–in conference rooms and, of course, on a solid reception desk. The entrance group is dynamic–it is a spiral carrying inside the office and made in a contrast black and white combination with gold accents.

Quotation: An elegant interior inspired by beauty and history of L’Oreal reflected in a flexible, thoughtful, targeted at efficient business Agile format.