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Architect’s Firm: HW-STUDIO Website: Leads Architects: Rogelio Vallejo Bores Collaborators: Francisco Noriega Ayala. Clients: HW Studio Arquitectos. Budget: 733,000 usd. Photo credits: (NOME FILMES) Vinicio Herrera, Juan Carlos Rodarte, Felix Cerda & Mariano Renteria Project location: Morelia, Michoacán. Mexico Completion Year: 2012


When the designers first visualized this house, they imagined a small, silent forest of red oaks, and how the wind rustling the foliage on trees and the sound of footsteps on wood would break that silence. This forest would be nestled in a patio, eliciting the architecture of the old houses of the city. The patio would be encompassed by four volumes composing the house.

The first volume which is the largest would accommodate the service entrance, storage room, service quarters, pantry, kitchen and terrace, and on the upper level, a guest room and study.

Resting atop is a second volume, a floating box of black granite that includes the TV lounge and three bedrooms. Due to the conditions and position below the box, functions such as the living room, dining room and office, are incorporated all opening and oriented toward the central forest.

A Long access hall becomes the third volume with an equally long window framing the trees and the play of the light on them. The fourth volume consists of bathrooms, available for events held in the patio.

Difficult to understand from a distance, this house is a building that requires a user that will inhabit it and saunter through it in order to appreciate the fascination that the Designers feel for its space, geometry, nature and lighting allure.