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Project Name: Mor-Chaal Concept for Kekarav Experience Centre Architecture Firm:The Blank Slate Gross Built Area:4000 sqft Project location:Bavdhan, Pune Lead Architects: Bina Bhatia, Pratik Daulat Renderings credits:Studio21 Visualizations Design Team: Bina Bhatia, Pratik Daulat, Savnee Patharkar, Hiranya Ganatra, Shardul Saroj, Anshika Srivastava, Sagarika Nambiar, Mihir Vaidya. Clients: TRU Realty


Perched on the hilly naturescapes of Bavdhan lies Kekarav, a scenic luxury oasis that boasts of a bevy of peacocks, amongst other fauna. Kekarav is an exclusive gated villa community by TRU Realty, designed to be an experience in healthy, sustainable living that leaves behind a low carbon footprint.  The brief was to create an immersive space to catalyze and forge customer relationships - The Kekarav Experience Centre.

We strived to create a microcosm of the Kekarav experience within the customer experience centre by capturing the essence of the project and its amenities, with an immersive technology-enabled journey encapsulated in a physical space inspired by nature.

The concept was our submission for TRU Realty Design Competition, of which we were one of the finalists!

Staying true to the ethos of Tru Realty, the space is an amalgamation of nature with technology, creating a virtual and aural experience, that keeps the user at the centre of the Customer Experience Center.

Mor Chaal - Capturing the essence of a peacock
Inspired by the movement of a peacock or ‘Mor Chaal’, the space is fluid and graceful. Each zone is organic and seamlessly transitions into another. With a palette of soothing colours inspired by mother earth, and natural, locally sourced wood and stone, the place emulates the serenity of Zen gardens. The furniture is sculptural, with each piece telling a story of its own. The space is peppered with colours drawn from a peacock. Elements from nature, like rocks and the stone flooring, with its free-flowing patterns that draw a person to explore a space and discover the wonders of living at Kekarav.

As one enters the experience centre, they’re transported to a realm of fluidity- Spaces that merge seamlessly into one another, yet holding their novelty. Upon entering, a guest’s first pitstop is the waiting area, which is the best vantage point to the entire space. What better way to grab eyeballs? This is where a guest is handed their AR-enabled brochures that offer an immersive overview of the project.

The Reception and Waiting area are adorned with sculptural furniture, upholstered in beige and teal green, brought to life by hand-polished wood. This space emanates a soothing aura, with a material palette of various shades of grey marble intertwining with each other, wood, leather panels and brass accents. The ceiling is made up of meandering veils that form an element of grandeur.

They can then move to the focal point of the experience- the project model. The experience zone has a large natural rock centerpiece on which the model is placed. A curved video wall encircles the model which enriches the experience by screening videos about the project and its public amenities. The statement chandelier is a cherry on top.

Respecting the natural context
The guests then move onto the Design Lab and the Sustainability Corner, which consist of pieces of technology like an iPad and an informative Touch Table embedded into materials collected from the terraneous site. Raw natural elements dominate the Design Lab and the Sustainability Corner. Touchscreens masquerade as rocks against a backdrop of wood, with elegant grey limestone and Aura Marengo marble flooring.

Once they’ve made their choice, they discuss and seal the deal in one of the many visually separated spaces throughout the experience centre. The spaces are a collage of emerald green raw silk upholstery, wood, concentric zen circles, grey marble flooring and accents of gold.

Pause in the journey
Since every space needs a pause, a visitor can spend some time at the Coffee bar, going over the AR project brochures provided, deciding upon their future homes, while having a piping hot cup of coffee on their way in or out.The Coffee Bar is made in marble, while the top is polished concrete, accented by wooden stools and brass decor. The communal zone is a melange of turquoise upholstery, a vertical garden, a cliff cut stone table and statement chairs.

The rustic-chic VIP cabin, equipped with a wet bar and informal seating, facilitates exclusive meetings.  The VIP Room makes use of sculptural furniture pieces to impart fluidity to the space. The upholstery follows a palette of teal and beige, with beige flutes on the wall- colours drawn from nature. The discussion area makes use of different types of wood in the flooring, wall panels and furniture which also has brass accents. The space is enclosed by rope partitions, imparting a semi-open feel to it.

Engaging with the senses
The experience centre engages with the visitors in a visceral way, engaging multiple senses and building a stronger, more impactful connection to the visitor. By making use of Mixed-Reality, visitor can embark that enables them to learn, discover, wonder, interpret and reinterpret the project at their own pace and choosing. By layering physical interaction with augmented-reality content, the customer experience centre is a unique and unforgettable experience that allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in Kekarav, and what living there will be like!