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Project Name: MUSTEK PARALLEL STATION Architecture Firm: P6PA+Architects Completion Year: 2020 Gross Built Area: 250m2 Project location: Prague Lead Architects: Martin Klejna Design Team: Iryna Bondar, Evgenia Kokhan Clients:Eurostage s.r.o. Engineering:Evgenia Kokhan Collaborators:AB Clima, Michal Skapa (Tron) Photo credits: Ája Kamasová Photographer’s website:


Mustek Parallel Station is located on the ground floor of a magnificent Vienna secession style building at the city center and we have recently transformed it into a cozy and bright space where someone can enjoy signature coffee and cocktails. The big bay windows look out onto this pedestrian street and let the natural light to reach all the corners of the new café. The principles of the design were to give a modern and industrial approach while respecting and accenting the old historical elements (original walls, arches, floors etc). The modern design is supported by the style of the lights, the materials in use, the colors and of course the significant graffiti that decorate the walls. The graffiti were done by the renowned artist Michal "Tron" Škapa.

A smaller gallery which is part of the space gives the visitor the opportunity of chill out and privacy while enjoying the nice atmosphere.

The ‘’elegant ruins’’ , such as the marble tiles, the stucco decorations dated to interwar period, the wooden cladding on the portal, the historical staircase’s railing, have been kept original.

Most of the furniture pieces are custom-made and they were designed specifically for this project, according to our desires and requirements.

For instance, the music console and the bar were innovative ideas which provide flexibility and functionality.

This space was created to make the client interact and be a participant of the experience sought.