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Project Name: No. 9 Rhapsody Location: Canton City, China Client: 9Studio Design Group Designers: Tung Tsan Lee Budget: 1.9 million RMB Completion date: 2019.10 Area: 330m2 Material: black iron, black glass, metal mesh, special paint, natural bamboo, wood & biofiber plastic composites, quartz brick


The nature of design is to make something out of nothing. The studio space of a designer is the source of thoughts and concepts and a site of imagination. Therefore 9Studio Design Group designed their own studio like the setting for a science fiction movie with a strong sense of prop. The inexhaustible imagination lays out the spatial need.

Variations and Expansion in Space
The two units yield multiple compositions and expansions in response to distant characters. The cubic unit is applied on the couch, blanket, and steps, where the cubes cover the multi-dimensions of up and down, left and right. The stereometric layering defines the openness of multiple compositions on the first floor, such as the movable layout of the furniture, the salon area for a small lecture, and the gathering. The transparent door with a steel frame connects the inside to outside, implying the interlocking relationship between the two.
The black steel panels form the curvaceous unit and the layering of geometric shapes are distorted and divided like an organic morphology of water bar, information desk, and the long dining table. The working desk on the second floor combines wood joints with steel panels. The structure looks like a butterfly that appears light and heavy at the same time. The symmetric shape facilitates the smooth circulation of the workflow.