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Completion Year:2020 Gross Built Area: 3210.56㎡ Project location: Yuzhu Road, Yubei District, Chongqing, China Lead Architects: Larry Wen Design Team: Shixin Gao, Gen Li, Jiarui Li, Liuqing Liu, Ye Wang Clients: Sunac Engineering: CMCU Engineering Co., Ltd Landscape: INTO Interior: Matrix Design Photo credits: Huang Ligang


Situated in the northern zone of the core region of Chongqing, china, the project comprises a cliffside building, designed and constructed into the surrounding mountain facade. The main structure has been completed, and designers have deconstructed and reconstructed its internal spaces with an infusion of architectural elements conducive to the topography, resulting in the creation of a rich architectural, urban space. The 3,000m² project consists of four floors. The main entrance is set on the third level, giving access to the main sales center functional sections, including exhibition space, which span the second and third floors. Embracing the sales center, the ground floor features a heated swimming pool and health club, while a small art gallery occupies the fourth floor.

The project highlights relationships between architecture, nature, society, and the people of Chongqing, thus enhancing the spatial experience of the building’s visitors through a design-oriented rethinking of modern lifestyles. The concept targets large-scale urban architecture as a conduit for fostering community vitality through public participation and interaction, inspiring people to enhance their life experiences of the future. The open concept of the sales offices breaks with tradition, promoting a more inclusive environment conducive to interaction. The artistic space on the top level will continue to evolve as an integral part of the interactive theme, with plans to develop the space into a community art center in the near future.