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Collection: Outdoor Games Tables Design Team: Union Wood Co Photo credits: Dylan Hamm Photography Materials: aluminum, powder coating, natural oak with a waterproof clear coating Colour: black, white, or custom frame Options: protective cover Dimensions: 7’, 9’, 12’ or custom L, 24”W, 34”H Uses: outdoor urban, office or residential gameplay Product Launch: February 2022 Suggested Price: $8,065.00 - $10,295.00 USD or custom pricing Details: made from weather-resistant materials, includes playing sand and pucks


Modern Outdoor Shuffleboard and Ping Pong Tables
Designing outdoor furniture that encourages play and relationship building is what Union Wood Co set out to achieve when adding all-weather shuffleboard and ping pong tables to their successful table games collection. Owner and creative director of Union Wood Co, Craig Pearce, discovered an outdoor niche for his furniture studio to fulfill. They now have recreational tables available that will elevate everyone’s gameplay experience in open-air settings. Weather-resistant materials make both the ping pong and shuffleboard tables durable enough for year-round play.

Outdoor Play Through Design
There is a growing trend in urban areas and workplace developments to create engaging outdoor spaces where people can escape the hustle and bustle of busy life. Union Wood Co’s contribution to this movement is their outdoor games tables. Providing people with inviting outdoor spaces that include fun games encourages social interaction. Laughter, paired with a touch of competitive spirit, naturally leads to team building and friendships. The inclusion of shuffleboard and ping pong tables in outdoor spaces can create a refreshing sense of community in any metropolitan environment.
The positive effect of outdoor play is not limited to people living and working in cities. The well-being of all homeowners and their families is enhanced by adding an outdoor games table to their patio, cabin, and more. Game tournaments will create memories that family members will cherish for years. Furthermore, the tables are constructed from defensive outdoor finishes that will withstand the rowdiest of family players.

Impact With Design Intent
Union Wood Co has two base options for their outdoor shuffleboard and ping pong tables. Each design is intended to be subtle in appearance, yet impactful as thoughtful modern design.
The base of The Break table model is supported by minimal angled frames. The form mimics supportive beams found in industrial areas and bridge construction. Designers at Union Wood Co simplified these heavy industrial lines to create a refined modern base.
Two rolled aluminum cylinders form the base of the Column tables. The soft curve of these bold bases blends into modern settings, without being an overly dominant presence. The design intent behind the column bases successfully embraces high-end tastes.

An optional aluminum hardshell cover is available for purchase to protect the shuffleboard’s surface when not in use. It can be hung from clips under the table, or can be stored off to the side when the shuffleboard is in use.

Materials That Endure
Strategic use of outdoor finishes by Union Wood Co makes their games tables weather-resistant, without detracting from their clean-lined, modern appeal. The materials surpass people’s expectations of typical traditional shuffleboard and ping pong tables. These tables are intentionally built to withstand the elements, both in nature and design trends, for generations of gameplay.
Aluminum is a reliable metal known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The shuffleboard and ping pong table frames are constructed from aluminum to withstand weather conditions for extended periods of time.
Powder coating increases the indestructibility of aluminum by coating the metal with a thick polyester coating. The coating does not flake or chip, thus it cannot be penetrated by moisture. Black is the standard colour coating, however clients can select from a wide variety of additional colours in order to customize their tables according to their styles.
Compact laminate is used to top the ping pong table’s playing surface. This innovative material consists of layers of Kraft paper that have been coated in an impenetrable clear resin. This material is available in a variety of convincing wood grains and solid colours.
Waterproof clear coat is a transparent sealant that coats the surface of porous materials to prevent water damage. This is used to coat the solid oak playing surface of the shuffleboard tables.
All materials are classified as weather resistant. However, to guarantee their longevity, it is recommended to store the outdoor games tables away in extreme weather conditions.
Union Wood Co has designed a collection of outdoor games tables as a creative response to the furniture market’s desire for intentionally designed outdoor entertainment. Their outdoor shuffleboard and ping pong tables bring together a newly imagined modern design that will withstand weather year-round. Union Wood Co’s outdoor games tables encourage people to enjoy an overall increase of well-being through outdoor play.