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Office: Porto Architects Architects: Ricardo Porto Ferreira Location: Porto, Portugal Conclusion year: 2019 Build Area (m2): 90m2 Client: Portugal Vineyards Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio


The Portugal Vineyards wine concept store is the first physical store for the online wine specialist company. Located adjacent to the company’s headquarters, facing the street and occupying 90m2, the store consists of an open-plan devoid of partitions.
The traditional references to dark cellars and wood materials had to be completely disregarded. Out of this brief we immediately interpreted the need for light and an open plan. Also, while designing a retail space, where emotions tend to be rationalised and as a designer, we work to find solutions beyond the existing condition. The creative challenge of this project was to find that a circle plan could be the best answer for a squared existing space. Facing a squared plan, a cornered entrance and a secondary access we found our answer in the use of geometry. The displays are carved out of the walls in reference to the vineyard terraces in a circular shape that fills the customer field of view sensitively with indirect lighting and the sharp contrast between the product and the space.

The space inside is blindingly white, minimal and circular.
The initial challenges behind the space were to find the answers through geometry, to allow enough footfall to have the 600 references the clients intended to display, the design should allow the space to be used as a venue for supplier presentations and to have an area for wine tasting. These requirements were answered through the definition of a radius that allowed the inner circle to gather about 50 people; three levels of terraces where all the bottles restand a loop circulation that would be broken by the access points.
A white canvas for the Portuguese wine to shine and be displayed. The interior is a blindingly white and minimal space with circular circulation. The shelves are carved out of the walls in reference to the wine terraces on a 360 degree immersive retail experience with no counter. A retail space where staff are on the client side, suggesting, promoting and serving.