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Project Name: QEDELI BREWERY Type of Project:Brewery Location:  Qedeli, Georgia Architects:  Idaaf Architects Engineer:  Irakli Janjghava


‘Qedeli’ Brewery consists of two buildings set on 1140 sq.m.. The first building among the two functions as the brewery itself and the other building is a small restaurant and hotel incorporating necessary storages. A common cellar based at -2.6m from an absolute benchmark of the land–814, 3 is shared by both the buildings. The area is planned such that the buildings are located in the middle of the zone and is set up with internal and external yards.  The courtyard is designed for the staff, handling of vehicles and other ‘dirty’ works, however, for the guests it’s still convenient to get to the hotel or restaurant and to the brewery environment. The outer courtyard is first what the guests will experience when they arrive to the Brewery. To get up the territory is possible from a separate door in the courtyard and it too has spectacular views of the Qedeli landscape. From here, you can enter the hotel, the restaurant and the cellar.

The brewery building is planned considering the functions, space required for the beer making, Office for manager, WC and a small storage. The brewery building is also accessible from the courtyard as there are two doors, one for the staff and other for the guest, It also has a third entrance door which is 2.6m high for vehicles distribution and large size cargo delivery. A 71sq.m. covered terrace is also a part of the brewery building, which can be used for large car parking or to place other goods. The terrace can also be used to perform actions necessary for the functioning of the brewery.