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Project Name:Rudra Jewellers Type of Project: Commercial Interior Project Location: Surat, Gujarat, India Architects: Axinode Design Studio Project completion date: June-2021 Photographer: Noaidwin Sttudio


The designer created a wonderful shopping environment in only 69 square meters of space. The facade display creates an ornamental scene which is partly visible from the outside of the store, revealing the exquisite craftsmanship of the jewellery while, at the same time, protecting the privacy of the interior for a better customer experience.

While balancing between the limited shop area and the large quantity of available jewellery, a variety of display ways were chosen, including flat cabinets, drawers, and windows, so that there is enough space for presenting each product. With a well-planned window display, showcases, wall display, check out space, storage space, a try-on section, and all the props are tailored.

The design blends traditional forms of arches in order to shape the interior with the royal colour-blue interwoven with pink and golden elements to break the monotony and create an artistic and modern atmosphere, a design far from the regular style of traditional jewellery stores.

While moving around in the store, you'll perceive that the layout is designed to provide a high-end customer experience, with functional area segmentation. It is important to switch from the conventional closed-off and restricted-access jewellery cases. To access the bright, glossy, textured mouldings and airy showcase bars, customers take a stroll down to the clear, arched path that leads to a comfortable blush pink tailor-made chair to allow customers to peruse the jewellery in a relaxed environment. Other materials, including gold accents framed around the grooved MDF moulding on the airy showcase bar topped with glass cabinets inclusive of velvet platters, add to the mixture of textures while simultaneously emulating the luxurious quality of Merchandise products, which balances the space through careful expression of the elements; different materials and their application create a carefully considered customer journey.

The store's massive luxury décor is complemented by overhanging showcase tables that offer an airy look. Different functional areas were arranged in a staggered way, in order to provide enough space for viewing and trying on jewellery, as well as for resting. The displays are designed with flamboyant concepts for multiple kinds of jewellery in order to attract customers with their distinctive features, whereas the comfortable setup enhances the desire to purchase products.

The inviting ambiance is aimed at increasing the desire to purchase by offering a one-of-a-kind experience.