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Art Direction / Design: Arro Studio Erik Arlen and Ludovic Roth


SILLAGE has set itself the goal of combining Titanal® with technical and noble materials. An innovative process in the assembly of components, all manufactured entirely in France, underlined by strong and elegant aesthetics.

SILLAGE was born in the workshops of La Fabrique du Ski, based in Villard-de-Lans in the heart of the Vercors Massif.

Since the creation of La Fabrique du Ski in 2014, the founders have sought to exploit their innovative process to achieve excellence.

In 2018, the idea of creating Sillage emerges :

Exceptional skis of very high quality, making the materials used in racing accessible to any skiers.

It took two years of research and development to achieve this feat. Titanal®, a material designed for competition, offers an engaging and extremely high-performance feel that is too rigid to be used by all skiers. The team, therefore, adapted its structure in order to preserve its performance qualities while creating skis that are accessible and safe to any skiers.

For the first collection, Sillage sublimates Titanal® with bamboo, carbon, and slate materials.

The objective is to reinvent, innovate and take a fresh look at the ski and the material without forgetting the most important thing: having the most pleasure on snow thanks to the exclusive behavior of these skis.

In the 1970s, France was responsible for nearly 60% of the industry's world production, unfortunately, it has almost disappeared today.