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© Sebastian Zacharia


Project Name: Sorriso Brasserie and Bar Project Architects: SMW Architects Location: Mumbai, India Completion Date: 2018 Art work: Simran Reen Photography: Sebastian Zacharia (Phx India)


 Nestled in the central suburbs of Mumbai, lies Sorriso Brasserie and Bar. The casual dining establishment is a renewed version of what was ‘Spice Lane’, an Indian kitchen. However, owing to a change in cuisine, Sorriso sticks to an eclectic theme featuring a mishmash of art and colour, breathing new life to the space.

 Planters at the entrance and walls define the outdoor seating. The space, with a green wall and faux grass for flooring, mimics an experience of dining alongside nature. The windows are covered in monotone vinyl signage akin to Parisian brasseries. The exterior wall is dotted by pyramidal siporex blocks and bollard post lights, a feature that highlights the street-side nature of the restaurant.

As one enters the restaurant, they’re greeted by a mishmash of a colours and materials.

The bar is composed of black elements and pine wood, a quality that sets the space out from the rest of the restaurant. The counter is panelled in pine with a granite countertop. The bar back makes use of actual barrels for draught alcohol and is dotted in black signage to add texture to the wall.

The dining area is a realm of colour. Bottle Green and Burnt Sienna on the upholstery make for recurring colours for the restaurant. Contrasting elements like exposed concrete on walls and beams and pine wood frames on windows make the space an eye-catching one. The tables are made in pine, with patterned tile inlays on the repurposed table tops. A hand-painted artwork by Simran Reen that spans almost the entirety of a wall is the focal point of the space. Concrete pendant lights and artwork made of antique music players add to the new-age vibe of the space.