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Project Name: The Home Abode Type of Project: Residential Renovation Project Location: Surat, Gujarat, India Architects: Ar. Khushboo Wankawala Project completion date: November 2020 Photographer: Kavish Desai


The home Abode is a renovation project of a 15-year-old residence. Renovation work includes an outdoor landscape area, living room, kitchen, temple, and various bedrooms. Having a constant dialogue between the existing spaces and the spaces to be formed was crucial. Every element is transformed or is reused in some or the other way in this project. Thus, maintaining the character and essence of the original house.

 It is a 4-bedroom bungalow, a 15 years old design and construction which needed renovation. A house for a family of 5,  where all wanted a  space that they could call their dear home as they have many emotions attached to it. The real challenge was to define the already existing spaces to feel homely and the designer managed to do it easily. 

The house renovation turned out to be minimalistic and having cozy corners of its own. Starting with the outdoor garden. The house was designed considering the family’s habits,  outdoor tea in the morning, cozy family time in the nights, the designed landscape added a natural touch to the house making it more homely. The living room had its furniture reused and made from the existing framework. The house is designed to match the lifestyle of the owners. The color pallet has been toned down to neutral colors which go with the interiors as well as exteriors. Hues and tones of grey are used for the house giving the house a toned-down look.