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© Tim Griffith Photographer


Official Project Name: The Line Location: Lockeford, CA, USA Architects/designers: REgroup Design team: Gary and Julia Lewis Lighting Designer: REgroup Project sector: Temporary architecture Budget: $5,000 Project completion date: December 2019 Photo credits: Tim Griffith Photographer


The Line is a temporary structure designed by REgroup architecture in rural, Northern California. The structure, which was designed for small events, from musical performances to weddings, offers a new type of rural event space for the area.

The minimal design is a direct result from working with a ‘micro-budget’ of less than $5,000. “The design offered an interesting challenge to design something that had a strong presence while removing all unnecessary components. It creates a kind of spectacular ‘generic’ quality” said Gary and Julia Lewis principals of REgroup.

The overall footprint of the structure is only 300sf, and is 75’ in length. The structure is made entirely of wood and is “essentially a 75’ long piece of precision woodworking”. A waterproof coating was used to protect the structure from weather. Because The Line floats on pier footings, it has an ultra low footprint on the land it sits on; and when the projects life runs its course, it will return the landscape with little impact. All of the materials for the project were sourced from within 400 miles of the site that help to further reduce its environmental impact.

According to REgroup architecture “It has created a new local micro economy, offering a venue for small events and performances for the local and regional community.”